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About Fancy Faces by Veronica

I am a trained face painter providing you highly creative and professional face painting at an affordable price. Are you having a large party? No problem. I have a crew! We are experienced in catering to any size event whether indoors or outdoors, from birthday parties to church functions, corporate events, state fairs and dozens of other special events of all kinds. Our talent doesn’t just stop there, we also provide excellence for Visual Enhancement in theatrical plays (imagine a stage full of animals with face paint to complete the costume). — Fancy Faces by Veronica can liven up a party, or event with a few detailed strokes of color. My objective is to create a realistic DreamWorld using a paintbrush as my tool – bringing the experience to life! So imagine with me as we create a room full of brightly colored butterflies, fairies, super heroes, tigers, and much more.



For more info or to schedule an event call me at 561-644-5646 or email me at


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